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Sharon Cameron is the author of The Dark Unwinding, A Spark Unseen, Rook and other Young Adult Fiction Announcing…A SPARK UNSEEN blog hop! | Sharon Cameron Books

Announcing…A SPARK UNSEEN blog hop!

Starting September 9, 2013, it’s the A SPARK UNSEEN Blog Hop!
10 days, 10 winners, plus Sharon’s “Big Bag o’ Books and Swag” Grand Prize!
     Want to win? Follow the blog hop each day (see schedule below). Use the forward and back buttons to hop from one fascinating post to the next (interviews, location scouting, and secret character tidbits!), and enter the rafflecopter each day to win copies of THE DARK UNWINDING or A SPARK UNSEEN!
     Want to win Sharon’s “Big Bag o’ Books and Swag” Grand Prize, or be one of the lucky 3 runners up? Then you will have to be clever! Each day there will be one letter hidden on one blog hop post, for a total of 10 letters. The letter will look like this:  
And this one does NOT count, guys!
Collect all 10 letters, then unscramble to make two words that answer this question:
“What does Katharine Tulman want most?”
Were you clever? Then enter the two words you’ve unscrambled into the grand prize rafflecopter on the last stop and you could win. Easy!
     Want to know what’s in the “Big  Bag o’ Swag?” Hardbacks of THE DARK UNWINDING and A SPARK UNSEEN, books and arcs and swag from my best writing buddies (including Ruta Sepetys, Kristin Tubb, Tracy Barrett, Courtney Stevens, and Jessica Young), a flashdrive containing the AMAZING TDU audio book and the BRAND NEW ASU audio book, Scholastic swag, TDU and ASU swag, and MORE, all swaddled in a cute I READ YA Scholastic tote. 3 runners up will be receiving a TDU/ASU hardback set.
You know you want it!
(And prizes will be USA and Canada only, okay?)
Want to get hopping? Here’s the schedule:

Group One: September 9, 2013

Book Brats– Author Interview
Myth-Illogical – Review
The Housework Can Wait – Playlist
Through the Looking Glass – Character Fun Facts- Mrs. Hardcastle
Eater of Books – Quotes Then and Now- Lane



Group Two: September 10, 2013

The Cozy Reader – Review-
The I Love Books Club – Character Interview- Uncle Tully
Myth-Illogical – Location Scouting- The Morgue
Karis Bookshelf– Character Fun Facts- Lane



Group Three: September 11, 2013

A Reader of Fictions – Review
Sarahs YA Blog – Author Interview
Citris Reads – Quotes Then and Now- Uncle Tully
Stories and Sweeties – Location Scouting- The Catacombs



Group Four: September 12, 2013

The Reading Geek – Review
Ems Reviews Books – Character Interview- Lane
A Dream Within A Dream – Character Fun Facts- Katherine
Read and Reviewed – Location Scouting- The Paris Underground



Group Five: September 13, 2013

Book Brats– Review (Marla)
667B Baker Street – Author Interview
A Book and a Latte – Quotes Then and Now, Mary Brown
My Friends Are Fiction – Location Scouting- Charenton Lunatic Asylum

Group Six: September 16, 2013

Xpresso Reads – Review-
The Book Vortex – Character Fun Facts- Mary
Esthers Ever After – Location Scouting- Rue Trudon


Group Seven: September 17, 2013

Book Loving Mom – Review
Writerquirk – Author Interview
Read. Breathe. Relax. – Quotes Then and Now- Katherine
Alluring Reads – Character Fun Facts- Mr. Wickersham



Group Eight: September 18, 2013

Writerquirk – Review
Magnet4Books – Character Fun Facts- Henri
The Book Vortex – Playlist



Group Nine: September 19, 2013

The Book Vortex – Morgan (Goodreads) – Review
Bookshelf Banter – Character Fun Facts- Uncle Tully
About to Read – Location Scouting- Sainte-Merri Chapel

Group Ten: September 20, 2013

J Reads YA – Character Interview- Mary
Small Review – Character Fun Facts- Napoleon III
Book Brats– Location Scouting- Tuilleries (Megan)

Find all ten hidden letters? Did you unscramble them into two words? Do those two words answer the question: “What does Katharine Tulman want most?”

Then you have the password! Use it!


The Book Vortex

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